About Carl

Carl Azbell began his Real Estate career 14 years ago, since then he has closed thousands of sales and helped mentor hundreds of agents and Brokers.

Real Estate Mogul

Carl created Metroplex Realty which consists of more than 50 experienced agents and marketing support staff and has sold over 1,000 houses in the last two years alone. Mr. Azbell and his team specialize in New Construction, Development, Mid to Upper Range Single Family and Condominium Properties in North Texas.

Metroplex Realty maintains an inventory of exclusive listings and has build relationships throughout the Americas. Combining these toosl with an intimate knowledge of the market, Mr. Azbell and his team are able to accomplish their goal of matching the right buyer with the right seller with unparalleled success–their prior 2 year record was 43% listings to 51% buyer sales.

Mr. Azbell is a frequent speaker at real estate schools in North Texas, market events, conferences, and supports the Women’s Aviation Group where he helps pay for over 1,000 young women hear from today’s female leaders in aviation giving young women the goal of pursuing careers in what is other-wise a career dominated mainly by men.


Carl is best known for his masters of Negotiation and Sales training which he teaches to agents across the state of Texas.

In 2020 Mr. Azbell has dedicated his company, Metroplex Realty to being the PLUG that takes agents in the industry and unites them with TOP performing lead generation systems and sales training techniques. Mr. Azbell has a 100% success record--no agent has joined his team and NOT increased his or her production.

Mr. Azbell was ranked the #1 FOREX trader on FXJunction in 2015 and has over 5 years in investment management experience which he takes into the field when working with clients.

Personal Life

Carl is an active supporter of the Downtown Dallas community where is Brokerage is located. Mr. Azbell also supports the women's aviation group helping thousands of young girls hear from female industry leads in aviation in a field that is predominately made up of men.

Carl lives and works across north Texas.
Metroplex Realty welcomes new agents to apply to work with Carl and his team. Metroplex Realty no longer accepts part-time agents and 1+ years experience is required.

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